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Forex Trading During Economic Crises


Trading Forex offers both tremendous opportunities and substantial risks, especially during economic crises. When the global economy faces uncertainty and volatility, currency markets tend to react strongly.

Forex trading for retirement: Building wealth over the years


Retirement is an important milestone in a person’s life, while representing the results of many years of hard work and financial planning.

Forex Vs Cryptocurrencies Vs Stock trading: Which Market to select for investing in?


Forex trading is the buying and selling of different currencies on the foreign exchange market. On the other hand, cryptocurrency trading involves buying and selling digital currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) on a decentralized digital exchange.

Understanding Forex Trading Strategies: Swing trading Vs. Scalping trading


At this article, we will compare two (2) of the most used trading strategies in Forex and crypto trading. The swing trading and the scalping trading strategy.

Forex Marketing - Best ways to promote forex trading


One of the most difficult parts as a forex broker company is not to set up your business but how well to promote it. How to find ways to advertise your business and make it famous all over the world, or at least the countries which are your clientele’s target group, and you are allowed to have registered clients/traders.

Forex trading using API connectivity - dynamic or fixed API


Most forex traders use a classic trading platform to login with their credentials and place orders from there. Orders and positions are placed manually to the platforms and traders have a solid perception of the account’s ownership, control and holding.

Cryptocurrencies Exchange - Traded Fund - Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF


Right after a vast crypto market crash on 17.08.2023, where Bitcoin reached as low as $24000 region, the liquidations surpassed the FTX doomsday collapse.

Warren Buffett’s Investment Tips - How to invest like a Billionaire


This article will not analyze any technical indicator, nor will explain trading platforms settings, tricks, spreads, or any other adjustment you will need to apply to your trading plan to gain higher profits.

Forex trading psychology - Hope, Fear and Greed in trading


Psychology and forex trading may appear at first sight as two very nonrelated concepts. On the other hand, though psychology encompasses a lot of areas in our daily lives. Therefore, traders should become aware of and if possible, to be trained in how to handle it with success.

Price Action Trading in forex


Price action trading is a popular trading strategy used in financial markets and it is best to be applied to short- and medium-term investments, rather than long term ones. The main characteristic of this method is that it analyzes, and places trades based on the price movement of an asset and its chart.

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